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The Internet is changing.

Of course, that isn't really a surprise to most people. What could be a surprise, however, is that websites - just like cars - need regular attention to make sure that they're still performing as well as they should be, and that they still comply with the law.

The landscape of the Internet has undergone some major shifts in recent years, with the overtake of mobile devices and the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation being just a few examples.

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Our Website MOT can give you a detailed health check on the following:

In today's increasingly mobile world, a responsive website has never been more important to you or your customers. With mobile devices now making up just over half of average Internet traffic, a website that crashes or doesn't look right on a mobile device could be alienating thousands of prospective clients per day.

Visitor impression
Does your website strike the right chord with your visitors? Just like cars, what looks good one year may go out of style the next. If your website looks obviously dated, this could be damaging your conversion rates.

Cookie compliance
The Information Commissioner's Office recently released updated guidance on minimum standards for compliance with the EU Cookie Law - and many websites out there today currently fall short of the updated standards. We can make sure your cookie consent strategy is updated to ensure continued compatibility with the new regulations.

The General Data Protection Regulation came into force in May 2018, and introduced a raft of new requirements upon webmasters and business owners handling personal data. In partnership with IOLIS, we can provide an opinion on whether or not your website is currently compatible with the GDPR, and we can advise you on what changes need to be made.

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