Business VoIP Telecoms

Make sure your first impression is a good one

Many customers will subconsciously form an opinion about your business within the first few seconds of a phone call. An efficient telephone system can also be vital to the smooth running of your business.

At our core, Jötnar Systems wants to ensure your business runs at optimal efficiency. We offer a robust system with professionally recorded IVR voice menus, meaning that your customers speak to the right person from the start, and your staff remain free to work without the burden of transferring calls. We also work with professional voice talent to ensure the impression you give is always one of quality and professionalism.

For those staff who are on the move, our cloud based PBX phone system can seamlessly forward inbound calls to your mobile device, making sure you are reachable by your customers no matter where you are.

Package comparison


£ 24 .99

/ month
  • Up to 2 extensions
  • Up to 2 voice menu options
  • 300 inclusive UK minutes per month
  • 24-hour support response

Small Business

£ 44 .99

/ month
  • Up to 5 extensions
  • Up to 4 voice menu options
  • 1000 inclusive UK minutes per month
  • 24-hour support response

Business Standard

£ 74 .99

/ month
  • Up to 10 extensions
  • Unlimited voice menu options
  • 2000 inclusive UK minutes per month
  • 24-hour support response



/ month
  • 11+ extensions
  • Unlimited voice menu options
  • Inclusive minute bundles at competitive rates
  • 24-hour support response

All of our packages also include:

Call forwarding to your mobile or other chosen number: make sure you are reachable wherever you are, no matter what. Forwarded calls are included in your monthly UK minute allowance.

Free voicemail: make sure your customers can get their message to you even when you can't answer the phone.

Feature matrix

Basic Small Business Business Standard Enterprise
Setup charge¹ £24.99 £44.99 £74.99 POA
Inclusive minutes 300 1000 2000 2000+
Voice menu options 2 4 Unlimited Unlimited
Voiceover revisions² None 4 6 Unlimited
03xx numbers
Number port ³ £25 Free Free Free
Geographic numbers Surcharge
0800 numbers⁴ Surcharge First Free
International numbers⁵ Surcharge First Free

¹ One-off charge billed in addition to your usual monthly subscription. 
² Number of free voiceover revisions per year. Revisions outside this offer charged at £50.00 per revision. 
³ Keep your existing telephone number. Please note this may take up to 14 days to provision. This only affects incoming number ports - your statutory rights are not affected. 
⁴ Incoming calls on 0800 numbers are billed per minute depending on your package. 
⁵ Proof of entitlement may be required to obtain a telephone number within some countries/jurisdictions; additional fees apply in these cases.

Having trouble choosing a package? Our team are here to help

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