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Stay focused on your core business — automate the housekeeping

One of the most common bottlenecks in small to medium businesses today is the vast amount of time spent on backoffice and administrative tasks — costing UK SMEs an average of 120 hours a year in productivity that could be spent on core tasks.

Jötnar Systems are able to guide you through the installation, deployment, and customization of the open-source Odoo Community Edition, which is capable of streamlining or even automating some of the most commonly time-consuming administrative tasks, leaving you and your staff free to focus on your core business.

Additionally, Jötnar Systems are able to develop custom modules for Odoo which can extend its functionality to precisely fit your business needs. We also offer some modules “off the shelf” — these are shown below.

GoCardless Connector

Enables Odoo to take payments via the GoCardless API

Your Custom Application

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