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Taking the headache out of managing your IT systems since 2018
Jötnar Systems was first founded in Glasgow by independent software developer and IT consultant Alister Brenton, in order to help small and medium sized businesses make more effective use of their Web presence.

We have since expanded into being able to help with much more than just your Web requirements: we now provide comprehensive, enterprise-grade IT and communications solutions to businesses of all sizes — all the while retaining the personal customer service that forms the essence of our roots.

We pride ourselves on developing elegant, clean, and future-proof solutions to keep your business efficiently moving forward.
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Our Directors

Portrait of Alister Brenton

Alister Brenton

Managing Director
Alister is the founder and driving force behind Jötnar Systems. With over 10 years of experience in the IT and communications industries, Alister lives for the technical challenge and prides himself on delivering robust solutions that withstand the test of time.
Portrait of Andrew Brenton

Andrew Brenton LL.M

Commercial & Legal Director
With an industry career spanning over 30 years, Andrew brings a wealth of experience in project management and contingency planning for major finance and FMCG institutions, along with legal expertise in regulatory compliance and data protection law.

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