We create beautiful, custom Shopify stores.

We are Shopify Partners and have been developing Shopify websites since 2017. We love what we do.
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For small businesses, big ideas

Your Shopify Partner, specializing in Shopify development, eCommerce, and design.
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We love what we do

We are a team of people who are passionate about the web. We live and breathe web design, development and e-commerce. We constantly improve our understanding of your business so that we can create a website that reflects your brand's identity and helps you grow your business.

We partner with you from start to finish

We take a holistic approach by partnering with you in developing your Shopify site. Whether you're looking for design inspiration, custom programming, or want help setting up your site from start to finish — we can help!
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Support and guidance

Building your website is only half the battle; once it's up, you need to make sure it performs well. Each Jötnar customer has access to 24/7 support, ongoing website strategy advice and ongoing website optimization advice.

Let's start the conversation.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you take your business online.

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