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Your website is the first thing most clients see, and with over 80% of web traffic coming from mobiles, a well-built site has never been more important. Our experienced web designers in Glasgow will make sure you make the best first impression every time.

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What does a website mean?

Your website could mean many different things to your prospects – let's explore the possibilities
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It means...


Whatever you do, your website is one of the first experiences people will have of your business. A well-presented website shows a professional face to visitors, inspiring confidence and encouraging them to convert.

It means...


Clients don't want average - they want experts. Subconsciously assure your clients that they will be treated with the same care and attention to detail that goes into your website.
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It means...


Your website is the first step in building a relationship with your prospect. The smoother the experience, the easier it is to trust you - leading to a smoother conversion.

It means...

a warm welcome

Your website is your shop front, and just like in a physical shop you want your visitors to feel welcome from the moment they walk in. Making sure your website is free of errors and presents a good experience on all screen sizes is a great way to do this.
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It means...


Your clients come from all walks of life, so your website needs to accommodate them. Disabled people make up over 20% of the UK's population, so an inaccessible website could alienate around one fifth of potential leads.

Our core features

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Responsive design

Mobile friendliness is a key part of Jötnar's Web design methodology, and our experienced Glasgow web design team will make sure your site looks the part on mobile and desktop devices alike.
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It is central to our beliefs that access to information on the Internet should be straightforward for everybody. We ensure that our products conform to accessibility guidelines as closely as possible.
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We dedicate ourselves to keeping up to speed with the latest developments in relevant law, ensuring our products and solutions are always developed with compliance in mind.

Our Portfolio

Below are some examples of sites we've worked on for other clients – feel free to click through to see more.
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Market Shape

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