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Save up to 120 hours a year in productivity with a bespoke Odoo system customised to fit your needs.

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Stay focused on your core business – automate the housekeeping

One of the most common bottlenecks in small to medium businesses today is the vast amount of time spent on backoffice and administrative tasks — costing UK SMEs an average of 120 hours a year in productivity that could otherwise be spent on core tasks.
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Why Odoo?

An app for every task

Odoo is made up of many different apps to manage your entire business. Popular Odoo apps include CRM, HR, Accounting, and many more – all working with the same data.

Collaborate remotely

Support for multiple users with their own access levels means you can work effectively with business partners and employees no matter where in the world you are.

Third-party integrations

Odoo supports thousands of third-party apps and modules to extend its functionality, thanks to its open-source model and vibrant developer community.
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Odoo Services & Consultancy


We can guide you through the installation, deployment, and customization of the open-source Odoo Community Edition


Save on server costs with our specialised Odoo hosting services


We can develop custom modules and other Odoo integrations, which can extend its functionality to precisely fit your business needs.
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 for Odoo

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One bank. 30+ countries.
Collect direct payments from over 30 countries, and have them paid out into your existing bank account.
Get paid in a click
Take payment straight from the Odoo invoice view.
Easy for your customers
Your customers only need to set up their payment details once, and they won't need to remember to pay or take trips to the bank.
Straightforward setup
Link Odoo with your GoCardless account at the touch of a button.

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Odoo & ERP
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