November 24, 2020

How can your growing law firm ensure its IT systems and website remain secure?

Is your law practice growing? How can you ensure your website and IT systems remain secure and grow with you?

While in-house IT and website support can be prohibitively expensive for an expanding business, outsourced options can give you what you need without staffing costs.

Here’s how you can use outsourced website management and IT support to help your law firm grow and flourish safely:

1. How secure is the client management area on your website? Ask your website hosting company…

Many clients now want to have the capacity to access and review documents, send you notes and information, sign documents remotely, and pay bills.

Having a securely managed area allows your legal practice to do this, saving valuable hours of time which could be used to market your law firm and find new clients.

This area must be truly secure, though, as it could contain sensitive information about criminal records or charges, medical records, and personal data such as names, ages, addresses, national insurance numbers, banking details, and credit card numbers.

So, ask your hosting company about its server, where it is, what the physical security there is like, and whether it complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which governs the collection, storage, and processing of personal data.

2. Secure the chatbot on your site to keep in touch with clients and record any problems safely

Ensure any chatbots you use have encryption, two-factor authentication, and authentication time-outs. You can also limit the sort of information a chatbot sends.

The biggest security risk from them, though, is the fact humans get involved in the process and might be duped into sending secure information to someone who shouldn’t have it. So, staff training in the sort of ‘phishing’ threat chatbots can pose is vital, and you’ll need robust procedures and policies in place.

3. Ensure all your email accounts are managed to a secure and consistent standard by the same operator

Email accounts are often the target of phishers who can appear extremely plausible when they attempt to obtain personal and business information.

Malware is often contained in links from these emails which then goes on to infect your systems.

So, you’ll need to ensure your email hosting server is secure, strong passwords are created and changed regularly, and your staff have good training in how to spot and avoid phishing attacks.

4. Ensure you have access to trusted remote support

Granting remote access to your business devices is a matter of trust. You need to ensure your IT support providers are experienced, professional, and compliant with data protection regulations such as GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, as we are here at Jötnar Systems.

For a law firm dealing with sensitive data which is likely to be classified as special category in the regulations, having that trusted relationship is vital.

5. Find an IT support company which can grow with you while it maintains your security

Ask potential providers how many devices they can support if you choose to sign up to a contract with them.

  • Will they be able to be flexible and add more devices as staffing numbers increase?
  • Will their server be able to cope? What level of support will they be able to offer?
  • Will this just be an online ticket or will you be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone to ensure your problem is solved? For a busy law firm, this is hugely important.

Does your law firm need help maintaining its security as you grow?

Contact our experienced professionals for a no-obligation consultation.

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