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November 24, 2020
How can your growing law firm ensure its IT systems and website remain secure?
Is your law practice growing? How can you ensure your website and IT systems remain secure and grow with you? While in-house IT and website support can be prohibitively expensive
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November 2, 2020
Why is a fast loading speed so important for retail websites?
DID YOU KNOW that 53% of web page visits on a mobile phone are abandoned if the site takes longer than three seconds? Make that five seconds, and the probability of a bounce
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October 16, 2020
Why is saving cash on hosting a terrible idea for a law firm website?
‘YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR’ may be an old saying, but in website hosting terms, it’s certainly true. Cheap hosting may seem like a tempting offer, but it can lead to some
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October 6, 2020
What are the 9 tell-tale signs your retail business needs a new website?
Your website is your shop window online, so it must draw in customers. It should also give you a good return on investment…shouldn’t it? Do you have the feeling there’s
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September 1, 2020
Does your law firm have a WordPress website? Look out for the 5 most common security threats…
LAW FIRMS with WordPress websites should take special care to avoid the five most common security threats. Your practice’s reputation could be on the line if your website is hit
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August 11, 2020
How important is your website hosting? It could be the thing which is holding your business back
Why is website hosting important to your business? It’s just a non-sexy back-office function which has little impact on what you do day to day…right? Wrong! The right website
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July 15, 2020
How to set up a high-converting ecommerce site
COVID-19 has shown us to expect the unexpected – and that every retail business needs to be able to sell online during a major crisis. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram,
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July 3, 2020
What are the 6 essentials for your law firm's website?
You’re thinking about revamping your practice’s website. It’s been a while since you updated it and things are moving on. You need better functionality, a fresh look, and
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July 3, 2019
Mobile devices take the lead: what this means for your web strategy
It's official. The global market share of mobile devices (including tablets) has overtaken desktop devices. This means that, on average, it is marginally more likely that a
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